How to Prevent hacking of your WiFi router

Why is WiFi router so important? We asked Chris Satchell, executive vice president and chief product officer at Comcast Cable Corp. - "You could turn off my water, and it would take me longer to notice than turning off my internet," said Satchell. "It's vital."

According to Google Car data, almost 70% of all Wi-Fi routers scanned are insecure or prone to hacking. If your work or everyday activities heavily rely on the internet access, you probably surf the web via at least one WiFi router in your home and one in your office. By utilizing these simple steps and techniques you can ensure your wireless router to be more secure and less prone to hacker attacks, both from the air or from the Internet.

The cost of owning a dedicated firewall or professional wireless access point that will brush off all potential wi-fi hacking attempts is out of reach for the average home or small business owner. Beside that, running such a machinery on your own requires a lot of experience, knowledge and technical skills.

The fact is that old routers can`t keep up forever, so when the time comes to replace your old WiFi, consider getting a ultra-fast, ultra-secure home alternative, like the Google`s OnHub. OnHub is a very modern "out of this world" Wi-Fi router with support for 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards, that keeps getting better with time through constant upgrades, so you`ll always have the latest features and security updates applied.

Anyways, here are some easy tips you can follow to secure your existing wireless router in order to turn away most of the hackers who are in a constant search for insecure WiFi networks:
1. Activate Wireless Security on your router. If your router support WPA2, then we stronly suggest avoiding WEP or WPA modes
2. Choose WPA2 or WPA2-PSK (do not choose combined WPA-WPA2 as it is weaker), along with AES Encryption
3. Choose a strong password (pre-shared encryption key) with minimum 8 characters, containing both numbers and letters.

And that`s it! it is not very hard to secure your router and brush off wireless hackers...

You can furter optimize Your Wi-Fi Connection by choosing the best wifi channel which is not congetsted by your neighbourgs routers. This can be done in a few steps with Wi-Fi Analysis Application for android, called "WiFi Analyzer": Choose VIEW, then CHANNEL RATING. Select your home wifi network and application will give you the rating of all available channels. Then simply choose the on erated with most stars and configure it in your router.